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Expat' Good Plans : CHINA


Take the taxi to move around (very cheap, around 1.2RMB / minute, minimum charge RMB10)
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Weather: online weather in China by Yahoo
Expat Apartment : US$ 1000 to 2000 / month
Electricity :
Water and gaz :
Internet 56k :
Bills payment :
Bank account :
DON'T drink water tap, buy mineral water
Foreigner :
English spoken almost everywhere in KL
Average Salary : RMB 3000 / month

Last trips:
October 2002


Where to eat ?

"Ding Tai Fung"
" Shanghai Guangcheng Restaurant"
No. 18 Peace Square, Shui Cheng Road
Tel: 021 6208 4188
Best for dumplings




"Han Yuan Cafe"
No. 27 Shao Xing Road
Tel: 021 6473 2526

"Hai Sheung Ming Yue - China Moon"
3/F Citic Square
1168 Nanjing Xi Lu
Good for Duck

M on the Bund
7/F, no 5 The Bund,
Shanghai 20002 (on the corner of Guangdong Lu)
Tel: (86-21) 6350 9988
Fax: (86-21) 6322 0099
Great view over the River Bund




Lane 181, Tai Cang Road, Shanghai 200021
Group of restored 19th century houses where are now located plenty of restaurants (the 'Lan Kwai Fong' of Shanghai)

Where to go ?

River Bund
Have a walk along the river.




1 Day:
Jade Buddha Temple, the Bund, Yu Yuan Garden, Old French Concession, Pudong New District, People's Square and Shanghai Museum

1 Day:
Grand View Garden (famous Red Chamber Dream Garden) and Zhou Zhuang (900 years old water village




Hangzhou is one of China's seven most ancient capital cities. There is a local saying "Above there is heaven, below there is Hangzhou". The most famous attraction in Hangzhou is the West Lake - covering an area of 6 sq km - blending the most famous scenery, historical, and cultural sites, and hills and lakes as a whole. Surrounded on three sides by rolling wooden hills, Hangzhou's West Lake has captivated countless visitors for centuries. Scenic walk and cycling alongeside the lake is a leisurely experience. The city is also famous for silk and tea - here you can see how they are produced. Hangzhou is easily accessible through Shanghai - about 2 hours drive away

1 Day:
West Lake Cruise, Hua Gang Park, Ling Yin Temple and Dragon-Well Tea Village




Where to go ?

We booked a taxi at 500RMB for the whole day and visited the following:

Great Wall at Mutianyu (from 08H00 to 13H00)
1h30 drive from Beijing




Forbidden City & Tienanmen Square (from 14H00 to 16H30)
Duration of visit : 3 hours
Closed at 17H00




Temple of Heaven (from 16H50 to 17H30)
Duration of visit : 1 hour
Closed at 17H30




Summer Palace
40 minutes drive from Beijing (50RMB by taxi)
Duration of visit : 3 hours

What to buy ?

Chinese paintings/backdrops (around 250RMB per piece 1.5m high)



What to buy ?

copies of DVDs, CDs, ...
Chinese paintings/backdrops (around 250RMB per piece 1.5m high)



Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan Province. Among this famed historical and cultural city's are Marquis of Wu's Temple dedicated to Zhuge Liang, prime minister of Shu of Three Kingdoms Period; Thatched Cottage, where the celebrated Tang poet, Du Fu, lived during his stay in Chengdu; Qingyanggong, the best preserved memorial temple for Lao Zi, father of Taoism; Tomb of Wang Jian and Wangjiang Tower. The giant panda breeding center of Chengdu is a must for animal-loving visitors. Chengdu's restaurants serving Sichuan cuisine and refreshments, and teahouses hold forth the fascination of local custom.

Very poorly developed for tourists.

What to buy ?

Still wondering...

Where to go ?

See the Pandas



One of China's most famous landscape, Guilin is a cultural city with a history of more than two thousands years. It has the most beautiful scenery in China due to its unique topography which gives rise to moody mountain height, pinnacles, peaks, caverns and subterranean rivers. Major attractions include the cruise along Lijiang River (65 km from Guilin to Yangshuo), Solitary Beauty Peak, Elephant Trunk Peak, Folded Brocade Hill (the summit features a 360-degree panorama from its Catch-Cloud Pavilion), Underground Water Hill, Crescent Moon Hill, South Stream Hill, Seven-Star Cave (a million years old), Reed Flute Cave etc.

A famous Chinese poet described Guilin about 1,200 years ago that: "The river forms a green silk belt, the mountains are like blue jade hairpins." The karst formations were thrust up from the limestone sea bed which cover centuries by the area's unique wind and water conditions, this "stone forest", with its subterranean caves and rivers, creates a haunting atmosphere. The Li River, the main river in Guilin, winds through the rising and falling hills and peaks like a colored silk ribbon. A cruise on the river brings visitors in touch with the unique scenery around Guilin, which is considered to be a fine art gallery as natural scenic wonders unfold on both banks of the river. Come to visit Guilin - it's always the highlight of your China tour.

Where to stay ?

No 102, Green Lotus Cave, Yangshuo
Tel : 86 773 8828641
Fax : 86 773 8824808
(recommended by Etienne & Cathy)

Where to go ?

Go down the river (1-day trip) : very beautiful landscape