Hotel Booking (selection of my favourite booking websites in Asia):

Asia Travel : Hotels booking in Asia

Asia Hotels : Hotels booking in Asia (with comments and ratings of guests)

Search Hotels : Hotels booking in Asia (a few only can be very interesting, but mostly expensive)

Vélocité : Flights and hotel booking

Hotels Travel Guide : pretty comprehensive


Carnets de Voyage :

Hong Kong en Images : one of the best travel guide on Hong Kong (by Etienne & Cathy Brois)

Impressions d'Asie (in French)

NAMASTE, Pérégrinations Orientales (in French)

Visages de l'Orient (in French)

Carnet de Voyage (in French)

Web Asia : a comprehensive list of links to personal websites on Asia

Visages d'Asie (in French)


Useful :


Aventure du Bout du Monde (in French)

Oanda Currency Converter : the best currency converter available.

Meteo Yahoo

MD Travel Health - Asia : vaccinations, safety, ...

Google : one of the best Search Engines


Others :

World History Time-Line: ... Who could have met who ?

Fondation Nicolas Hulot